Ostomy is derived from the latin word Ostium meaning opening

Ostomy is a type of surgery required when a person has lost the normal functions of the bowel or bladder due to birth defects, diseases like CANCER, Ulcerative Colitis etc., injuries or any other disorders.

An Ostomy allows normal body wastes to be expelled through a surgical opening called a “STOMA” on the abdominal wall into a special appliance fitted over it.

Stoma comes from the Greek word for mouth στόμα pronounced Stoma.

Generally, a stoma will be pink and moist (like the inside of our mouths). A stoma will initially be swollen after the operation but this will reduce after 6-8 weeks. There are no nerves in a stoma so there are no sensations when touching it. Everyone’s stoma is different in size or shape.

People with Stoma are commonly called Ostomates.

There are three types of Stoma,

  1. Colostomy
  2. Ileostomy
  3. Urostomy

Stoma Pouching solutions are readily available. The solutions include fitting a bag/Pouch to the stoma to collect the waste and getting it cleaned at regular intervals.

In colostomy, like any other normal person, the patient goes to the toilet once a day to clear out the waste, though it may differ from person to person.

In Urostomy & Ileostomy, as & when the bag gets filled, it needs to be emptied.